Peter Dobbs President and CEOPeter Dobbs, Moveable Online CEO
Peter Dobbs, Moveable Online CEO

Peter Dobbs President and CEO

A software executive and entrepreneur with unique skills, Peter combines deep business knowledge and technical creativity. He has created business models leading to exits in excess of $250 million, and has helped several of our clients with acquisitions and business integrations.

Peter has 20 years of business management experience, including e-commerce, electronic warehouse management, purchasing and workflow solutions, and operations process architecture. He has spent the past 16 years architecting and developing web-based business applications. His approach combines a high level of programming expertise with a keen understanding of Internet business strategy.

Oren Shapiro VP, Service DeliveryOren Shapiro
Oren Shapiro

Oren Shapiro VP, Service Delivery

Oren has more than nine years of marketing, delivery management and sales experience in the technology sector, and is responsible for ensuring Moveable Online’s tight integration between sales, consulting and delivery. His background in business analysis and information architecture gives him insight into both technology consumers and lines of business. Prior to his current role, Oren was Director of Sales at Moveable, and was responsible for a variety of client services, marketing and business development. Oren’s previous experience includes IBM Canada and Sun Microsystems’ Canadian training partner.

Tom Miaritis Operations ManagerTom Miaritis, Moveable Online Operations Manager
Tom Miaritis, Moveable Online Operations Manager

Tom Miaritis Operations Manager

Tom Miaritis is the Operations Manager at Moveable Online with over 13 years of experience in planning, designing, implementing and supporting digital solutions.

A background in business, marketing, account and project management, e-commerce, B2B platforms, network infrastructure set up, software architecture and ETL/data integration services has helped Tom to become a well-rounded IT professional.

Tom oversees many of the functional business processes that make Moveable Online a leader. Since becoming operations manager, he has focused on developing and implementing policies and processes for all day-to-day operations. He mentors and contributes his knowledge and experience to the rest of the team members and is using his skills to assist our clients meet their goals.

For the past seven years Tom has been managing large wireless enterprise fleets and played a major role on the planning, delivery and management of deployments, mobile applications and online procurement solutions.

Tom holds an honours diploma in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing and has over two hundred hours of training on MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) seminars.

Dan Vandervaart Development ManagerDan Vandervaart, Moveable Online Development Manager
Dan Vandervaart, Moveable Online Development Manager

Dan Vandervaart Development Manager

Dan has more than 20 years of software development experience in team management and application architecture. He is a firm advocate of technology as a vehicle and not a destination, and applies his philosophy to all projects. His practical experience and knowledge ensure successful implementation of small, medium and enterprise level solutions. Prior to joining Moveable Online, Dan worked in a variety of verticals with clients such as Honda Canada, ScotiaMcleod, the National Post, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) and, most recently, York University.