Moveable Online’s origin dates back to 1983, when its sister company was founded as a small typesetting shop in what is now Toronto’s Liberty Village.

Moveable Type continued to grow and expand its services – from typesetting and proofreading to image work, digital printing and offset printing. It eventually shortened its name to Moveable Inc. since it had evolved into much more than a typesetting company. By 1999, its clients began to ask about Internet services, including web development and hosting.

Moveable Inc. acquired a talented web development firm headed by Peter Dobbs and Moveable Online was born. By 2005, we had outgrown our parent and incorporated as a separate company. This allowed us to concentrate our focus and provide greater value to our clients.

Moveable Type
Moveable Online boardroom

During our 15-year history, Moveable Online has developed strategic partnerships with many of our customers to provide consulting and development services in two primary areas:

  • Organizational process and application development
  • Corporate communications development and digital marketing support

Over the years we’ve earned a reputation for innovation, quality and service based on the websites and applications we’ve launched for our clients, often in partnership with graphic design studios and advertising agencies. We look forward to what the next 15 years will bring.


To provide uncompromising customer service and satisfaction.